Stillwater came to the attention of Bunnies In Need (BIN) in early March of 2009.  At the time, he was being housed in an animal shelter in the northern part of California. Because he had health issues (even though they were believed to be treatable) he was declared unadoptable and scheduled to be euthanized.

The Ratt, co-founder of Bunnies In Need, stepped in from across the country with a plan to spare Stillwater’s life. She proposed that BIN would “adopt” Stillwater and pay for all of his medical care and medications if The Dora Bunnies would give him a home in their warren.  The Dora Bunnies agreed to this arrangement and Stillwater was saved from euthanasia just in the nick of time.

Throughout March, April, and early May 2009, Stillwater made weekly visits to his veterinarian for examinations, subcutaneous fluids, lacrimal gland flushing, and diagnostic procedures. At home, he was receiving eye drops and antibiotics.  His records show that from late May until early July he was doing so well that it wasn’t necessary to make any appearances at his vet’s office.

The following months, however, proved to be a roller coaster ride for Stillwater, his caretaker and his veterinarian – with some periods being good and others presenting new challenges to battle.  In spite of the best efforts of all involved, he suffered a major turn for the worse in March of 2010 and was hospitalized for almost two weeks. Sadly, Stillwater was unable to bounce back from this latest onslaught and he was lovingly assisted to the Rainbow Bridge on May 8, 2010.

Stillwater’s case will always be a unique, one-of-a-kind situation for Bunnies In Need.  There will never be another like it.  BIN and The Dora Bunnies are enormously grateful to all who donated to his medical care.  It was the hope of all involved that he would be able to have a healthy, happy, and long life.  Although that was not to be, he touched the hearts of many and will long be remembered.