Rocky was in need of surgery to save his life from a mediastinal mass that was pressing against his trachea and heart. Rocky lived in Athens, Greece where vets are not rabbit savvy. They would not do the surgery, nor were they equipped for this delicate type of surgery.

BIN planned on flying Rocky and his owner to Ontario Canada, where a team of specialists who had been studying his case were ready to treat Rocky. The cost of the surgery, not including the flight, was estimated at about $6,000.00. We had enthusiastically raised just over $4000.00 when Rocky could no longer hang on. On April 21, 2010 Rocky left for the Rainbow Bridge.

Rocky left behind a great legacy. People from 10 different countries across the globe were helping out any way they could, whether it was financially, emotionally, or helping to hand-deliver flyers about Rocky. It did not matter about language barriers, cultural differences, or that miles of water were separating us from the love that was shown to Rocky and his family. Rocky’s story spread like wildfire across the globe and nothing could stand in its way. No amount of water was able to put out the flame of love that spread so fast.

It is because of this fire of passion that we have dedicated this special memorial fund in Rocky’s name. The Rocky Memorial Fund will be for bunnies that are in an emergency situation where they will be euthanized or die without immediate intervention.