Welcome to our Library!

 It has been our experience that a bunny has to do a lot of searching on the internet, read lots of books, and talk to many other bunnies just to find basic information about the appropriate care of us lagomorphs ~ so we can then pass it along to the humans in our lives.  This is a task we find fascinating and which has occupied great  amounts of our time.

These articles are a result of combing through and compiling the various materials researched.  Since this is information everybunny should be aware of, we at BIN have created a central location where we could easily share these compilations for the benefit of others.

The Library will forever be a work-in-progress, so you are invited to check back frequently for new material.  Not only are there a large number of subjects that have already been researched, there are even more on the list to investigate.  Please feel free to post your questions in our discussion groups.

Please use the list of subjects to your left to select a topic.

Under each of the categories, you will find answers to many of the most popular questions, as well as specifics, about rabbit care and rabbit health.  The first articles to be posted are in the Nutrition and Diet section, as well as information about “GI Stasis” and “Bloat” under Health Related – Conditions. These are two life-threatening situations every bunny needs to be informed about.  Spaying and neutering are extremely important to our well being and this subject are addressed in the Health Related ~ General Health Articles section.


Disclaimer ~ The materials presented here are compilations of the work of other individuals, as well as the personal experiences of the “Librarian” and various individuals with whom the “Librarian” has had direct contact.  It is presented solely with the intent of providing a central location for information about rabbits and their proper care.  Nothing documented here should ever be used as a substitute for appropriate veterinary care.  In some documents, the information available is conflicting.  In those instances, each companion rabbit caretaker should consult with their veterinarian about what is appropriate for each individual rabbit.  This is also true of most everything about our companion rabbits ~ no two are alike ~ so the guidelines and information must always be tailored to suit.