On March 16, 2010 a woman driving through Pickerington Ohio (a suburb of Columbus) spotted me by the side of the road. She knew immediately that I did not belong there so she stopped and with the help of a city worker they caught me. A box was left nearby with some newspapers in the bottom and a hay cube so they assumed that I was dumped in the box and had gotten out.

My left eye was badly damaged and I was very thin, my tooth was sticking way out of my mouth when they found me. The kind hearted woman took me to her sister Jill’s house and left me with Jill to try and get me some help. After contacting the local Humane Society and Shelters, Jill was at wits end, no one was answering her calls and she knew I needed help quickly. Jill has cats and so she called the cat’s vet (who only sees cats) and told them my story. Since they knew my new Mary Beth had bunnies at home, the vet office called her asking what to do. Mary Beth and Jill spoke on the phone and after a couple of conversations and some cell phone pictures of my injury, Mary Beth agreed to help.

That afternoon Jill, Mary Beth and I met at the Norton Road Vet Hospital and I was evaluated by Dr Logan. They determined that my right eye was badly damaged from some kind of trauma and must be removed ASAP. My incisor teeth are all out of whack, possibly from the same trauma and will possibly need to be removed. One was broken off and the other was allowed to over grow. They gave us 2 choices; treatment that was estimated to cost up to $1700.00 USD or euthanasia.

Jill was a young mother with very limited income and could not afford even the initial visit. Thankfully for me, Mary Beth couldn’t let me die without at least trying to help. Mary Beth was worried about me making it through all this trauma and about the cost, so she contacted the Bunnies In Need group for help, advice and support. BIN group jumped in immediately to respond to our cry for help. BIN friends responded immediately with advice, moral support and offers of assistance and put together an emergency fundraiser to help with the costs of surgery. Within 24 hours this group had raised all of the funds to cover my treatment through donations. It’s amazing; donations have come in from all over the world! It’s such a great group of people with generous hearts and love of bunnies to help little me! Mary Beth and I will be forever grateful. Additional funds were donated by the Columbus Chapter of the House Rabbit Society to whom we are also grateful.

Update: my eye abscess has returned and BIN has sponsored a donation drive on my behalf. Please see the Bunnies in Need discussion groups for more information about my needs and my recovery.