General Fund

Please consider donating to the BIN general fund to help build our reserves for treatment needs that come up. These funds are available to be dispersed appropriately to a bunny in need. Our commitment to help may be as a pledge from BIN to get the donations started or if BIN has sufficient funds to cover a treatment, we will help with a bunny’s needs right away. It is our hope that we will always have funds available for this purpose.

Also, any operating expenses (although presently not a major expense) come out of the general funds.  All people working with BIN are volunteers therefore do not get paid for their time, but if they incur and out-of-pocket expense such as long distance phone calls to the vet, we need to reimburse our dedicated volunteers.

Please consider giving a bit extra towards the general funds for needs such as these.

For how to send donations, please visit our donations page for details.