In January 2010, Dexter’s mom noticed he had lost quite a bit of weight and had begun grooming himself obsessively, so they paid a visit to the vet who took x-rays of his head and diagnosed “small abscessations along the roots of the lower molars.” Poor Dexter! The recommended treatment was expensive surgery and Dexter’s mom was concerned she may have to have him euthanized. Several bunny friends recommended a second opinion and suggested that BIN might be able to provide assistance in the situation.

A second examination, performed under anesthesia, diagnosed overgrown molars, including a large, long hook on the last molar and resultant tongue ulceration. BIN rallied with a creative fundraiser and the needed money was raised in record time. Dexter’s molars were filed down and he was sent home with antibiotics. The abscessations diagnosed in the first check-up did not appear to be a significant issue (but will be monitored) and no surgery was necessary, although a second filing was needed. Within ten days Dexter had resumed mostly normal eating on his own and has regained the weight he had lost.  Go Dexter!