When I was just a few weeks old, I was living on a homestead where the people breed rabbits for meat. One day my mom came to see the people’s garden and there we were outside where she could see us in our hutch. I think we made her heart beat a little faster in that moment!

We were tiny babies at the time and the squares in the hutch floor seemed kinda big for my tiny paws, but when I saw mom I tried with all my might to cross the hutch and get over to see her. We had a connection and I had to tell her. She got the message and promised to take me to her house as soon as I was weaned. I weaned early and the people gave me to mom at 4 weeks old. I was so happy!

To keep me company, one of my siblings got to come too (mom says she would have taken all of us if she could have!). She thought Lucy was a girl, but after a few months I got pregnant… oops! (Mommy didn’t know much about rabbits at the time.) The short story is that even though she separated Lucy from me right away after our first litter was born, I was already pregnant again and am the proud mama of two litters – thirteen beautiful babies.

Suddenly having fifteen of us was quite a shock to mom, and more than she could sustainably manage, not and give us each the caring, free life full of good food, space, and love she thinks we deserve. It’s a lot of work and expense to have a house full of baby bunnies! Especially unexpected baby bunnies! When BIN heard our story, they came to the rescue with lots of advice about how to house us, find good food on the cheap, and they put together a special fundraiser for us where members sponsored each of the babies’ spay or neuter so that they can have healthy and happy lives.

Two of my babies have found loving homes, and others of them await adoption. But thanks to BIN’s efforts, mom has been able to stay sane and give us the care we need. Thank you, BIN!