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Andy was in need on being neutered if he was ever to bond with Chloe! The story has a hoppy ending……..

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Chloe came from a family that had her in a cage so small she could barely turn around in it and she was living in filth and was not spayed.

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Buddy was a gorgeous and friendly bunny slated to be euthanized. After being transported to his forever home, it was discovered that Buddy was very ill. Thanks to the generous supporters of BIN, Buddy was able to get the treatment needed and is now a very healthy and happy bunny.

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Little Iago was found on the side of the road where he had been dumped with nothing but some newspaper and a hay cube. His eye was badly damaged and he was very thin, but thanks to the kindness of his rescuer and the support of BIN he is well looked after.

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Rocky lived in Greece where no vets knew how to treat the mass that was pressing against his trachea and his heart. BIN rallied to raise the money to bring Rocky to a specialist in Canada and save his life. Sadly, sweet Rocky didn’t make it to Canada, but lives on in our hearts.

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