Category: Current Fundraising ~ no longer fundraising

General Fund

Please consider donating to the BIN general fund to help build our reserves for treatment needs that come up. These funds are available to be dispersed appropriately to a bunny in need. Our commitment to help may be as a pledge from BIN to get the donations started or if BIN has sufficient funds to cover a treatment, we will help with a bunny’s needs right away. It is our hope that we will always have funds available for this purpose.

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Rocky’s Fund

This fund is dedicated to our friend Rocky, who fought so hard with his parents to overcome his cancer. Although Rocky did not win that fight, Rocky won the hearts of many people from all over the world. Donations made to Rocky’s Memorial Fund are specifically to be used for emergency situations where the bunny will die or be euthanized without medical help.

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Current BIN

Bunnies hop to BIN for help, so we always have current bunnies or rats in need of financial assistance in order to get the treatment they need. If you would like to donate to a specific bunny or rat, please visit the discussion groups and check out the Current Bunnies in Need section. Each bunny or rat has their own page in the discussion group where you can read all about their story. Status updates for each bunny or rat will be posted in the group as well.

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