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Proper treatment of GI Stasis, for as long as necessary, is vital to resolving this condition and permitting the bunny to return to normal digestive function. This article outlines the specific Clinical and At Home treatments which need to be undertaken.

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It is important to understand the causes of GI Stasis so that everything possible can be done to prevent its occurrence. A major factor is sufficient fiber and water in the rabbit’s diet. Another is keeping stress to a minimum.

As in all disorders, the sooner a change in behavior is noticed and acted upon, the less severe the situation will be and resolution will be easier and of shorter duration.

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Recognizing even the smallest of changes exhibited by your rabbit is always crucial. Since GI Stasis can be triggered by a number of underlying causes, it is very important to understand even the slightest of signals from your rabbit. The sooner you notice something different, the greater the likelihood of a successful resolution of any problems.

Rabbits are prey animals, thus any indication of sickness or injury makes them the most likely to be targeted by predators. As a result, they are grand masters at hiding anything that is amiss with them, including problems that are quite severe. This means that by the time they are showing any signs, the situation has progressed to a point where your bunny is incapable of hiding it any longer.

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Ileus (aka “GI Stasis”) in domestic rabbits is one of the most challenging problems a practitioner can face, yet it is rarely a primary disorder. Left untreated, the slowdown or complete cessation of normal intestinal movement (peristalsis) can result in a painful death, in a relatively short period of time.

GI STASIS IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM “BLOAT” ~ GASTRIC DILATION ~ WHICH IS IMMEDIATELY LIFE-THREATENING. If your rabbit’s stomach feels hard and is distended like an over-filled balloon, it is more likely an obstruction (Bloat) and you will need to act accordingly.

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