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Fly Strike Hazards for Small Pets

By Phyllis O’Beollain Myiasis, or flystrike, is a condition typically seen in rabbits, guinea pigs and other small furry pets in the summer, but it can affect any animal at any time of the year. “Blowflies” (shiny flies with blue or green iridescent bodies) are attracted to open wounds, heavily soiled fur or the droppings […]

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First Aid Trauma Kit for Small Pets

by Phyllis O’Beollain This is the stuff you hope you never need While it is not all that likely that your housepet is going to require the contents of such a kit as this, stuff does happen. It is also not inconceivable that you might come across an injured stray someday (this would be on […]

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Coprophagy (Poop Eating)

Coprophagy is the eating of excrement and is a normal nutritional behavior for rats. It is essential for the maintenance of healthy gut flora and for the recovery of nutrients. Rats have a simple stomach as opposed to ruminants (which have compartmentalized stomachs) such as cows, goats, and sheep. Without the multiple digestive compartments to […]

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Caring for the Small Pet With Head Tilt

by Phyllis O’Beollain     Regardless of the cause, if your rabbit or other small pet has head tilt, he or she is going to need special care – maybe for weeks or months or longer.   Lack of balance Problems with the pet’s sensory perception are the cause of their lack of balance, inability […]

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Bumblefoot in Rabbits and Rodents

by Phyllis O’Beollain The proper name for bumblefoot is ulcerative pododermatitis, but bumblefoot is much more fun to say. Bumblefoot! Bumblefoot! That is the only fun thing about bumblefoot; it is an extremely painful infection of the footpad. Bumblefoot affects pets such as rabbits, rodents, and cavies, as well as birds of prey, poultry and […]

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