Benji was our second rescue bunny. He was very friendly from the start. He would run between our legs and loved to have his head rubbed. Benji is so laid back. When Bugsy would be near him, she growled at him and scratched at his cage of hers to get out! They were kept separate until both were altered. When they were brought in to be altered, it was then that we found out about Benji’s eye. No amount of antibiotics and drops were helping to heal his eye. It needed to be removed. Had the original owners treated Benji’s eye when the symptoms first appeared, he would still have his eye today. The vet stated that “”Benji would benefit from this eye being removed. There is no potential for vision in this eye. Benji has marked inflammation in this eye and the iris has adhered to the anterior lens capsule and there is a very small anterior chamber. My advice is to remove this eye in the near future. If Benji’s eye becomes red, this will indicate that there is more inflammation in this eye and the surgery should be done sooner.”

The estimate for surgery was $1300.00. I didn’t have that. I made a blog for Benji with a movie about his need, made flyers, had garage sales. It was all happening too slow. I then came across a social network for bunnies! It was there that funds were raised so that Benji could have the surgery. A group of caring people coming together to help out a bunny in need and BIN got its start.

Benji’s surgery was postponed twice for different reasons but then on Sept. 18, 2008 Benji was finally able to have the surgery. Bugsy came along just so she could be there for Benji when he woke up. They were very bonded by this time! Benji sailed through the surgery and Bugsy took great care of him.

He adjusted very well, healed quickly and is a very health lop eared bunny husband to Bugsy, Thanks to all at BIN!